ECJL offers a range of services to cater to the needs of our customers!

Pawn Loans:

One of the primary services offered by ECJL is providing pawn loans. Customers can bring in valuable items such as jewelry, firearms, musical instruments, and select sporting goods equipment as collateral for a loan. We will do a complete assessment of the item's worth and offer a loan amount based on the item’s value. Once the customer repays the loan with interest within a specified period, they can retrieve their item.

Buy Services:

Our pawn shop buys precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Customers can bring in their jewelry, coins, or bullion, and you evaluate the metal's purity and weight to offer a fair price based on the current market rates. In addition to buying precious metals, we also offer buy services for firearms, sporting goods, and some electronics.

Insurance Appraisals:

Our store owner, a GIA Graduate Gemologist, can provide insurance appraisal services, which involve assessing the value of valuable items for insurance purposes. This helps customers determine the appropriate insurance coverage and ensures they receive proper compensation in case of loss, theft, or damage to their belongings.

Jewelry and Watch Repairs:

ECJL offers repair services for jewelry and watches. Customers can bring in their damaged or broken pieces, and our skilled craftsmen can fix them, replace missing stones, adjust the size, or perform other necessary repairs to restore the item's functionality and appearance. We offer watch battery replacement (without pressure testing) and watch band replacement.


Jewelry Design or Upgrade:

With ECJL owned and operated by a GIA Graduate Gemologist, we possess the expertise and knowledge to assist customers in finding the perfect diamond or gemstone for a new engagement ring or to upgrade an existing diamond. We provide customers with personalized and informed assistance in selecting the perfect diamond or gemstone. By combining our expertise with the customers' preferences, we can help them find a stone that meets their aesthetic desires but also represents a valuable investment. With over 40 years in the diamond business and industry experience, we can source a wide range of diamonds to match our customers' requirements. Whether they are looking for a specific shape, size, or quality, we can tap into our network of trusted suppliers to locate diamonds that meet your criteria. We can also provide options within different price ranges to accommodate their budget. All done usually within a day or two at the most.

 CAD Jewelry Services:

What is CAD? Computer-Aided Design (CAD) jewelry services involve creating custom jewelry designs using specialized software. We provide this service, where customers can bring in their ideas or choose from existing designs. Skilled CAD designers can transform these concepts into digital 3D models, allowing customers to visualize the final product before it is crafted.


Want more for your jewelry items that the normal pawn shop offers? Try our consignment services, which allow customers to sell their valuable items in our store and on our website. The items are inspected and evaluated to determine a good retail market value. Once the consignor has agreed to the price we display the item for sale, and when sold, we provide the customer with a percentage of the sale price. This service is useful for customers who want to sell their items but prefer not to sell them at pawn shop offer prices or go through the process of finding buyers independently.


  • Jessica Spear 5 Stars

    Amazing place and great workers! They have searched for several items for me that were impossible to find. Not to mention they have done amazing work for me that others said could not be done. This place is the best and I recommend it to anyone in need of any jewelry help especially when it comes to custom made jewelry.

  • Cee Lee 5 Stars

    "My transactions were handled quickly and efficiently by Renée. They involved immediate cash for a item that they bought, credit for an item I bought and holding an item for pawn. They also did some shipping for me.
    I am very happy with the services provided and thankful for their honesty, integrity and flexibility."

  • Samuel Reading 5 Stars

    The best Pawn Shop I have been in. Very friendly and knowledgeable. NICE ITEMS, clean and displayed perfect. Thanks for chatting with me.

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